21 04 2009

8d8nviubl7mtaw7p5y1On April 22nd, we will sit back and marvel at the wonder that is earth. But how many of us know the truth about the beginning of the earth or the beginning of the universe? 

Over the next 3 Tuesday nights, we will be investigating the truth about the origins of the universe. Hear are some of the questions that we will be tackling.

Has science given us the answer as to where we have come from?

Could God really have created the world in 6, 24 hour days?

Or does Darwin have it right with his theory of evolution?

If Darwin was right what implications does that have for the meaning of life?

Come out and investigate both science and the Bible as we continue to seek the Truth.


30 03 2009

Evenings this week will be filled with practices and preparations for the Easter Story presentation next weekend, so there will be no youth this Tuesday.

Be sure to catch our next Midweek event on April 7th where we will be talking about the importance of the cross.


how funny is your dummy?

27 03 2009

hey gang!
cant wait for youth tonight! $5, 7pm in the youth room, and bring some friends for a super fun night of exploring our great city with a dummy, a camera, and some friends. crash-test-dummy

Tripmeter in concert!!!

4 03 2009

Hey guy’s, I am so excited that we get to host an amazing band this Thursday night March 5th. I was blown away by them at YouthQuake a couple years ago, and I cant wait to see them in concert again. Bring youre friends, neighbours, people off the street, just grab anyone you can cause you dont want to miss this awesome group.

Opening for Tripmeter will be a group called Two Bycicles. I have no idea who they are, but if you check out there myspace page you can listen to a few of there tracks. I think they sound pretty cool. 

Doors open at 7, concert starts at 7:30. Cost is $5.

whatcha watchin?

19 02 2009

so as you may or may not know, at the midweek (tuesday nights) we are working our way through a series called “under the influence”. it’s all about gaurding your heart (proverbs 4:23).

next week we will talk about music and the following week, we are going to be talking about movies; what kind of movies do you like, whats the message of the movie and so on. so hear is what i want to know, what kind of movies do you like? are you into action, a little Indiana Jones? maybe you like sci fi, star wars is cool…right? maybe you like a good laugh and comedy is what you enjoy. or…maybe you like a good romantic/dramatic movie, tear.

whatever your taste, take some time to fill out this survey and let the world know whatch watchin!kung-foo-panda

watcha watchin poll

19 02 2009